I'm trying to remember why I was afraid....

But I know there is something more than my fear

I know that my life isn't what I need...

But know what is wrong...

But sometimes you see right through me....

This scears me to death..


Now you probably ask youslf whAt the hell is I know..I write here for the first time..and what I wrote is in my mind.....

P.S. I finally found my old avatar...and it doesn't work..fuck..

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    08-30-2005 | 11:31 pm
    Комментарий: [ Liar | Дневник Liar | Написать сообщение для Liar ]

    In your mind... well, I hope that there is only light in your heart ^_^


    08-31-2005 | 01:09 am
    Комментарий: [ Ev | Дневник Ev | Написать сообщение для Ev ]

    send me your avatar i try do something ^^a

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