Hey, I wanna say sorry for missing so much time..but I missed you people though..You know and even when I'm back I see so many new faces(actually avtars, but it's ok..i guess)..and you know I'm glad sometimes it's even better when it's a lil more fresh blood in here..yeah, sounds like I'm saying "FRESH MEAT"...lol..that would sound something like Gaara..so well I have some news, I gave up on my story, what else, I got into new scholl but I'M NOT GOIn...yay..lol..my Anime Club in school have more meetings..and we plan to cosplay..heh..(I'll be lil Gaara agian)..well who else can I be..unless I choose to be Kimimaro(the guy who can control his bones) sounds creepy but I actually like him..I don't know why but guys with weird eyes just get me so exited(if u know what I mean/..lol..just kiddin)..hmm..what else..I have few more new drawing but since we cann't upload them anymore I gave up on that..I'm drawing new comic book..with my new character..well he is simple but carries out a good emotions..umm...I think that's all I wanna say for now..I already wrote too much..(this is my character..well I did it in paint so it sux here..lol)

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    04-16-2006 | 07:17 pm
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    Ну наконец-то ты вернулась!!!!!!Знаешь...я..(нет мы) по тебе очень скучали. Если еще раз так надолго пропадешь,живой уже можешь меня не застать.=)))

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