The riddle of Sphinx

Вдохновение решило кинуть тапком, и вот вдруг пришло в голову такое...
Немного коряво вышло, но сносно.

Riddle, riddle on the wall - 
Secret that was never shown.
What a sense it seal inside?
Answers that are always hide.

Shut your eyes, but see your soul
Words of truth about the World.
Look in deep and you will see
Who you are and whom will be.

Ancient marks are keeping well
Knowledge that can no one tell.
Choose your way and make a step.
Here and now there's nothing left.

Read these marks and you will know,
Which of worlds do you belong.
All your fears are stand behind.
Life or Death, you must decide.

Мое настроение: ^_^

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