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Lunatic Night, Lunatic Night, Безумная ночь, hentai, хентай

Lunatic Night

Безумная ночь
Lunatic Night
Hentai (Хентай)
Жанр : хентай, фэнтези, комедия, мистика
Кол-во серий : 3
Год выпуска :
Формат : OAV (3 эпизода), 24 мин.
Описание хентая: lunatic night (безумная ночь) :

 Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei

One night, Kanzaki's friend Mutsuki drops in for a visit and leaves him with the strangest present -- a "pet" who looks like a catgirl. Moreover, she is one very horny feline femme. Kanzaki reluctantly accepts the gift, and names her Kuaru. Now Kuaru is actually Kanzaki's servant in the past, when he was still the ruler of Atlantis. Somehow, Kanzaki has lost his memory, and does not remember Atlantis or anything related to it. Soon, a bird-woman named Karura barges in... also claiming to be one of Kanzaki's past servants. Kanzaki is whisked off to a tower that's supposedly his lair, and he meets his third servant girl called Neptune. The three girls want nothing else but to awaken Kanzaki's old self and restore his full powers as the ruler of Atlantis... and the way to do it is to pleasure Kanzaki to total recollection. But Mutsuki has something else planned for Kanzaki...

One thing is certain... Lunatic Night does live up to its title. This whole farce is insane. I had a difficult time following the story because half the time, the things they do don't make any sense! Everything seems to be nothing more than an excuse to have an orgy. All the three girls do is do Kanzaki to the point of mindless stupor.

I fell asleep twice trying to finish the two episodes that comprise Lunatic Night. The antics get stale pretty quickly and there isn't enough of a plot to go on. Admittedly though, there are some funny and bizarre parts that succeeded in eliciting some laughs. Like one time, while the three girls were doing Kanzaki, he suddenly turned into a gigantic green penis. It was like something out of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Characterization simply doesn't exist. The girls are just there for sex, Kanzaki is always dazed and confused, and Mutsuki is too shady for words. It's an unsolved mystery as how Kanzaki and Mutsuki are friends, when Mutsuki has always had some sort of sinister plan for Kanzaki. What's more, the events have no continuity. In the first ep's finale, Kanzaki's head is implanted in a metal body (with tentacles no less). In the second ep, Kanzaki is completely in the flesh again without any explanation. Lunatic Night also comes with a Sailormoon look-alike and some related inside jokes that are okay at best. It's all very forgettable.

The visuals don't help this title much either. The art and animation are so-so and nothing to write home about. Sex-wise, everything is shown but with very little detail. Kanzaki's member looks like some sort of generic hotdog, and the girls' lower parts are oddly feature-less. To say the least, I wasn't impressed with Lunatic Night. One redeeming feature is probably the strange humor, which is something you don't run into often. I mean, how many hentai titles have guys that have been reduced to a "squiggly"?

A "squiggly" is a little green bouncing penis with little wings on the sides.

Дата добавления хентая : November 5th 2006
Разместил : Ev

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Просмотров: 20652


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