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  • New Story: Chapter 0
    12-01-2006 12:10 am
    Epilogue: I wanna know what it feels like when people separate. I wanna know what does it feel like to know your own mistakes. I want to see the future in you eyes. I want to feel my life passing by as I look into your eyes. Feelings are all over me. I wanna know what it feels like to be around. I want top breath you in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nothing new happaned in my life. I sta...
  • I'M SOOOO BACK!!!>_^
    04-16-2006 06:09 am
    Hey, I wanna say sorry for missing so much time..but I missed you people though..You know and even when I'm back I see so many new faces(actually avtars, but it's ok..i guess)..and you know I'm glad sometimes it's even better when it's a lil more fresh blood in here..yeah, sounds like I'm saying "FRESH MEAT" would sound something like w...
  • My new story!!
    09-25-2005 09:06 am
    Ok, in topic lonely I said that I'm writing a story..a new one..a science fiction...This story is about our world being protected by another planet ..but there was a prophesy that one of their kind will resist to protect other planets and will destroy them... Maybe one day I'll post it here...
  • me
    08-30-2005 10:08 pm
    I'm trying to remember why I was afraid.... But I know there is something more than my fear I know that my life isn't whatI need... But know what is wrong... But sometimes you see right through me.... This scears me to death.. Now you probably ask youslf whAt the hell is I know..I write here for the first time..and what I wrote is in my mind..... P.S. I finally foun...

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    вот фотка....это я...Ж))

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