Maki Horikita - 73

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Название картинки: Maki Horikita photo model and idol 73. актриса и модель. maki h ikita 072 .

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Описание альбома: Maki Horikita is my ultimate TV idol possessing the looks, style, personality and brains. Her breathrough acting role was in Nobuta wo Produce as the shy wallflower Nobuko who’s given a makeover. It definitely made me into a huge fan of hers. Since then she’s starred in a number of highly successful doramas such as Hana no Kimi, Densha Otoko and Kurosagi. Her movie roles have been quite varied such as a young woman with a split personality in Tokyo Boy, the bullied schoolgirl seeking revenge in One Missed Call Final to the bicycle mechanic in the nostalgic 1950’s movie Always: Sunset On Third Street. Maki seems to be very polite, warm and softly spoken in interviews on the TV and I’m sure she’s like that with her fans too. You can’t help but like her and the hoards of her fans will agree with me on that. I’d do anything to meet her. Who knows I might unwillingly bump into her on one of Tokyo’s streets!

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