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Juri Ueno

2 year old Juri Ueno is in my opinion one of the finest young actresses in Japan. For me, the best role I’ve seen Juri has been as the messy but talented pianist Megumi Noda in the fantastic dorama Nodame Cantabile. She was so funny in it. Then again she was hilarious in the highly rated movie Swing Girls. Arch Angels and Summer Time Machine Blues are other examples of her work which I’ve really enjoyed watching. I think Juri has got a natural knack for comedy and it’s served her well so far but she tried something meatier this year as a motocross racer who hides a secret from her family and friends in one of the greatest doramas I’ve ever seen on Japanese TV – Last Friends. Gone was her trademark locks in favour for a shorter cut and a new colour for her hair. I wasn’t too keen on it really. Juri’s a pleasant enough young woman who I’m sure will continue to be a staple part of Japan’s primetime TV schedules for years to come.

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