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Yui Aragaki

Yui Aragaki is so angelic looking and is amazingly beautiful. She’s also very talented as she combines a successful acting, modelling and musical career. Out of all the idols mentioned she’s the one I’ve seen most of her work and she continues to impress me with her choice from comedy (Papa to Musume no Nanakakan) to serious roles (Shibuya 15). The movie which has raised her profile I believe was the character she played in the 2007 monster hit Koizora. That’s the best I’ve seen Yui act so far in her short career to date. Her music has also done reasonably well and I quite liked listening to her debut album Sora. Just turned 20 this year, the only way for her to go is up and I’m sure those in the entertainment industry will have seen how good she was in Koizora to give her plenty of great roles in the future.

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