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Lupin III: Part II, Shin Lupin Sansei, Люпен III: Часть II, аниме, anime, анимэ

Люпен III: Часть II

Lupin III: Part II
Shin Lupin Sansei
Режиссёр : Судзуки Сэйдзюн
Сценарий :
Жанр : приключения комедия фантастика
Кол-во серий : 155
Студия : TMS
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

lupin iii: part ii (люпен iii: Часть ii / shin lupin sansei)

Внук знаменитого вора-джентельмена начала XX века Люпен Третий, которого в честь деда назвали Арсеном, возможно, не так хладнокровен и элегантен, как его аристократический предок, но он компенсирует это массой хитроумных приборчиков и фантастическим везением. Вместе со своими верными товарищами метким стрелком Дзигэном и мужественным самураем Гоэмоном Арсену Люпену Третьему удаётся провернуть величайшие кражи столетия, несмотря на неотступно идущего по пятам инспектора Интерпола Зенигату, который посвятил свою жизнь поимке знаменитого авантюриста. Однако слабость Люпена к женскому полу и особенно к ослепительной мошеннице Фудзико зачастую приводит к потере всех добытых сокровищ. Впрочем, никогда не унывающий проходимец всегда находит выход из самых затруднительных ситуаций, оставляя всех своих врагов с носом... "Lupin III: Part II" среди фанатов получил название "серий красного пиджака" (по цвету пиджака, с которым не расставался герой).

001. The Dashing Entrance of Lupin III / Return of Lupin the 3rd (English)
002. A Bouquet of Bills Blossoms in Rio's Sunset / Buns, Guns and Fun in the Sun (English)
003. Hitler's Legacy / To Be, Or Nazi Be (English)
004. I Can Hear Nessie's Song / 50 Ways To Leave Your 50 Foot Lover (English)
005. I'll Tell You How to Transport Gold Bullion / Gold Smuggling 101 (English)
006. Is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Standing / Shaky Pisa (English)
007. Tutankhamen's 3000-Year Curse / Cursed Case Scenario (English)
008. The Venice Superexpress / Disorient Express (English)
009. What Do You Think of Ukiyoe Blues? / Now Museum, Now You Don't (English)
010. Steal File M123 / ZenigataCon (English)
011. Wager on the Monaco GP / Who's Vroomin' Who? (English)
012. A Present for the President / The Sleight Before Christmas (English)
013. The Great San Francisco Chase / I Left My Mind in San Francisco (English)
014. The Great Caribbean Adventure / Curse of the Jumbo Juju (English)
015. The Great Detectives Take to the Sky / The Case of the Risible Dirigible (English)
016. The Two Faces of Lupin / Crude Reproduction, Perfect Frame (English)
017. Go for the Oildollar / Sheik-Down (English)
018. Black Panther / My Birthday Pursuit (English)
019. Can You Open the Ten-Year Vault? / A Safe Bet (English)
020. Lupin Up Against the Wall / Hell Toupee (English)
021. Goemon's Revenge / Knocked Sensei-less (English)
022. Search the House of Mystery Women / The Man-Trappiest Place On Earth (English)
023. Witch of the Fourth Dimension / Auntie Ballistic (English)
024. The Great Thief Nezumi-Koozoo Makes his Appearance / Rats to You (English)
025. The Coming of the Killer Iron Lizards / The Lair of the Land-Shark (English)
026. The Rose and the Pistol / Shot Through the Heart (English)
027. Where is the Cinderella Stamp / Little Princess of Darkness (English)
028. Lady Detective Melon / Revenge of La Nerd (English)
029. The Electroshock Pigeon Operation
030. The Wind Is Hot in Morocco
031. Face the Midnight Sun and Fire
032. Lupin Dies Twice
033. To Whom Does Orion's Crown Belong?
034. Lupin Becomes a Vampire
035. Chase the Gorilla Gang
036. Expose the Secret of Tsukikagejoo
037. The Buried Treasure of Genghis Khan
038. The Sweet ICPO Trap
039. A Diamond Disappeared in the Hong Kong Night Sky
040. Operation Missilejack
041. Find Princess Kaguya's Treasure
042. Lupin Becomes a Bride
043. Where Are Peking Man's Bones
044. The Vanishing Special Armored Car
045. Killing Is the Smell of Wine
046. Lupin Will Fetch a High Price
047. Her Majesty's Slipshod Inspectors
048. Lupin Laughs While the Alarm Bell Rings
049. A Pretty Woman Has Venom
050. Lupin, Whom I Loved (Part 1)
051. Lupin, Whom I Loved (Part 2)
052. Emmanuelle Is an Angel's Whisper
053. The Mad Fantoma Mark III
054. Detective Hanshichi's Ten-Year Promise
055. Falling Cherry Blossoms- The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part One)
056. Falling Cherry Blossoms- The Mysterious Gang of Five (Part Two)
057. Will It Be the Computer or Lupin?
058. The Border Is the Face of Farewell
059. The Mysterious World of Madame X
060. A Flower of Suicide Blooms in India
061. The Flying Zantetsuken
062. The Sound of the Devil's Bells Calls Lupin
063. A Trap for a Trap!
064. Christmas Is in the Hands of the Goddess
065. Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin
066. Shooting Orders!!
067. Lupin's Big Saiyuuki
068. Casino Island- Inversions and More Inversions
069. The Woman the Old Man Fell in Love With
070. Classic Thieves and Mynah Birds
071. Lupin Vs. the Shinsen Group
072. The Skateboard Murder Mystery
073. Flowers and Storms and a Thieves' Race
074. The Terrifying Chameleon Man
075. Fujiko Doesn't Look Good in a Bridal Gown
076. Do You Know Shakespeare?
077. Arrest Lupin With Horoscopes
078. Diamonds Gleam in a Robot's Eye
079. The Lupin Funeral March
080. The Last Meal Is Cup Ramen
081. Fujiko! Men Are Tough
082. The Old Man Hostage Rescue Operation
083. Lupin's Big Western
084. Leave Revenge to Lupin
085. ICPO Secret Directive
086. The Mysterious Nightlight Mask Appears
087. When the Devil Beckons to Lupin
088. Lupin's Big South Pole-North Pole Adventure
089. Play the Thieves' Symphony
090. Bad Guys Are Truly Big Villians
091. The Girl Who Travels Through Time
092. Madame and a Thieves' Quartet
093. Operation Great Wall of China Invader
094. Lupin Vs. Superman
095. From the Ghost Ship With Love
096. Lupin's Gourmet Heaven
097. Find the Treasure of Lupin I
098. The Day the Old Man Died
099. The Combat Magnum Scattered in the Wasteland
100. The Famous Painting Theft Ultra Operation
101. Versailles Burned With Love
102. Lupin Is Fond of Chanel
103. The Wolf Saw an Angel
104. The Most Dangerous Golden Bed
105. Horror- A Woman Disappeared on Devil's Head Island
106. You're a Cat, I'm a Dried Tuna
107. A Wedding Ring Is an Accursed Trap
108. Zantetsuken's Lament
109. Lupin's Toughest Battle Ever
110. Hot Shot: This Is Fujiko
111. Is the Invader Safe Open?
112. Goemon's Close Call
113. The Name of the Operation Is Chuushingura
114. The Secret of the Mystery Painting, "The First Supper"
115. Mona Lisa Smiles Twice
116. Have the 108 Bells Rung
117. The Chewing-Gum Disguise Operation
118. The Southern Cross Looked Like Diamonds
119. Lupin, Who Killed Lupin
120. Frankenstein Attacks Lupin
121. The Treasure My Grandfather Left Behind
122. Rare Find: Napoleon's Fortune
123. Paris Is for Thieves
124. 1999: A Popcorn Odyssey
125. The Big Oildollar Plot
126. Together With Lupin to Hell
127. Direct Hit! Operation Dead Ball
128. The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest
129. In Jigen, I Saw the Gentleness of a Man's Soul
130. Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man With Two Faces
131. Two Goemons- The Mystery of Zantetsuken
132. The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult
133. Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure
134. The Climactic Lupin Arrest Operation
135. Poison and Magic and Lupin III
136. Revenge of the Gold Butterfly
137. The Magnificent Team-Play Operation
138. The Treasure of Pompeii and Venomous Snakes
139. Steal Everything of Lupin's
140. Wolf, Run, Pig, Fall Down
141. 1980 Moscow Revelation
142. The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race
143. The Miami Bank Raid Anniversary
144. Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation
145. Wings of Death- Albatross
146. Lupin's Splendid Failure
147. The Mermaid That Disappeared in the Midnight Sun
148. The Target Is 555 Meters
149. The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil
150. Piano Symphony "Zoo"
151. The Arrest Lupin Highway Operation
152. Jigen and a Hat and a Pistol
153. The Bills That Came from God
154. The Hexagon's Great Legacy
155. Farewell My Beloved Lupin

Дата добавления аниме: March 1st 2009
Разместил : Langesser

Просмотров: 2176

В видео архиве:
VERSUS - amv
Renegade: VERSUS - amv
Failed Experiments in Video Editing - amv
Трейлер фильма Lupin III

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