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Sick of technical barriers… (the solution)

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One thing that seems to hold most marketers
back, are the technical hurtles.Lets face it, we don& want to sit and learn
how to code& want to MARKET.Well here is a perfect solution

[url=https://ngonvl.org/emailspike]Click here to get EmailSpike[/url]& (heck,
even developers will start using this)So instead of going through a 5 page tutorial
on how to hack up code (errrrr)&

Now you can embed HTML5 video and dynamic countdown
timers into your emails with two snippets of code
that look like this&

It literally takes 60 seconds to add the two most
powerful sales triggers to your emails now (with
NO coding required).==>

[url=https://ngonvl.org/emailspike] Get it now!![/url]&
To your success,

After the & special& these two apps
are going to be sold separately and their normal
prices.Grab the bundle of Video Spike and Timer Spike
before this offer goes away!==>
[url=https://ngonvl.org/emailspike] Get it now!![/url]&...

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