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Mock made of Oak, Kashi no Ki Mock, Мок из дубового дерева или Пиноккио, аниме, anime, анимэ

Мок из дубового дерева или Пиноккио

Mock made of Oak
Kashi no Ki Mock
Жанр : приключения сказка
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 52
Студия : Tatsunoko Production
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

mock made of oak (мок из дубового дерева или пиноккио / kashi no ki mock)

Без рецензии.

01. The Puppet is Alive!
02. I Dont Want to be a Puppet
03. Mind Your Father!
04. Who Can I Trust?
05. What is a Heart?
06. Devil living in my mind (1/2)
07. Devil living in my mind (2/2)
08. A bad fairy is calling
09. Im a pitiful devil man
10. When my nose gets longer
11. I want to know motherly love
12. I wont be tricked any more
13. Ive got dreams too
14. My oak tree is still there
15. Tree limbs are alive too
16. Please teach me, monkey
17. My hopes are flying away
18. Dolls are special too
19. Dont lose! The magic violin (1/2)
20. Dont lose! The magic violin (2/2)
21. The treasure I found
22. Goodbye, professor Sadness
23. Lets grow a money tree
24. The dream that disappeared with the mermaids (1/2)
25. The dream that disappeared with the mermaids (2/2)
26. Dont die, grandpa
27. Thank you for giving my heart wings
28. My legs are growing roots!
29. Stand in front of the mountain bandits!
30. Im not a pierrot!
31. Escape towards freedom
32. Farewell ship bound for the dark continent
33. Toys get mad too!
34. Im Mokku, Gods child!
35. Monster forever protecting the grave
36. My magic is bravery and wisdom
37. Throw your bad dreams away in the desert!
38. Im sick of the circus
39. Fly away, bubble! To my old home
40. Trounce the fire-eating circus master
41. Stand up, genie of the great tree
42. Goodbye, bad fairy
43. Break out of the fortress of death
44. Burn me!
45. Snow woman, rest in peace
46. Chase off the bounty hunters
47. All trees are my friends
48. Confront the anger of the sea devil
49. The island of hell is dead
50. Come back to life, island of hell
51. Eves bell of sadness rings
52. Dream upon a shining star

Дата добавления аниме: April 9th 2010
Разместил : Shuraganchik

Просмотров: 1814

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