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Lalabel the Magic Girl, Mahou Shoujo Lalabel, Юная волшебница Лалабель ТВ, аниме, anime, анимэ

Юная волшебница Лалабель ТВ

Lalabel the Magic Girl
Mahou Shoujo Lalabel
Сценарий :
Жанр : махо-сёдзё сёдзё
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 49
Студия : Toei Animation
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

lalabel the magic girl (юная волшебница лалабель тв / mahou shoujo lalabel)

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01. Humans are hateful
02. One more secret friend
03. Pass the pedestrain crossing
04. If I date a younger boy
05. The magistrate candidates self- introduction
06. Transfers are horrid
07. The yearning of a person when one looks up the sky
08. The beautiful teacher rides on the breeze of Spring
09. The lonesome parents meeting
10. Birthday and the invisible present
11. The secret which is placed in the amulet bag
12. The middleman is 5th-grader
13. The red shoes of the reunion
14. The white page of the exchanged diary
15. My pet is a mischevious raccoon
16. The beauty borne of lies
17. The hiking filled with tears and laughter
18. Yearning of the childrens introduction
19. The chief who is being disliked
20. Welcome of the couples quarrel
21. The guardman is a bounty hunter
22. Grandma Hasuru of the town
23. Magic cannot be used on tennis
24. The Dokkiri photograph contest
25. The god who has returned
26. The rodent which came out of the painting
27. Magic fashion
28. Sales of the female cartoonist
29. Why does the ill-treated child cry?
30. The tumbling overseas trip
31. The use of the best magic in the world
32. The magical punch is knockout
33. Goodnight from the secret broadcasting station
34. The intruder of the country
35. Biras first love
36. Battle of the flower reporters
37. The penfriend who has no address
38. The teachers lover is a gorilla
39. The fortune-teller who is always accurate
40. Proposal to the Queen of Coat
41. Happening of the ski trip
42. Pitfall of the New Years present
43. The forbiddedn magic
44. Tears of the Queen of Star
45. The girl who arrived from America
46. Chiba, the stray dog which digs here
47. The mysterious messenger from space
48. Loves melody is Sayonara
49. I love humans

Дата добавления аниме: April 19th 2010
Разместил : Shuraganchik

Просмотров: 1632

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