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Flame of Recca, Recca no Honoo, Пламя Рэкки, аниме, anime, анимэ

Пламя Рэкки

Flame of Recca
Recca no Honoo
Режиссёр : Абэ Нориюки
Сценарий :
Жанр : приключения боевые искусства мистика сёнэн
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 42
Студия : Studio Pierrot
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

flame of recca (пламя рэкки / recca no honoo)

Без рецензии.

01. The Princess and her Ninja! Power Awakens!
02. Fire and Wind, the Fatal Temptation!
03. The Soldier of Water! The Plane of Revenge!
04. The Maze of Mirror adn the Determined Flame
05. The Mystery of the Hokage Ninja
06. The Dangerous Master of Flame, Kurei!
07. A Deadly Struggle, the Guardian of Stone
08. Room of the Doll! Fukos Fatal Combat!
09. Devil Domon! Overwhelming Power!
10. The War of Flames! The Fight Between Hokage Descendants
11. Adamantium Blades Five Different Forms!
12. Kurenai, the Flame of the Angel of Death
13. The Ultimate Flame! Legend of the Fire Dragons
14. The Past is Brought Forward! The Truth of 400 Years Ago!
15. The Curse that Separates Mother and Son
16. Determination to Fight! Reccas Challenge!
17. Hokages Arrival! The Urubatousatsujin
18. The Opening Battle! Mikagamis Sword
19. Unexploded Iron Fist! Domons Last Resort
20. Secret of the Maidens Skin
21. Paper Dance! Breathing in Life!
22. The Terrible Monster has Changed! Kaoru is in Danger!
23. Trial of Life and Death!
24. The Call from the Monster, the Warrior from Hell
25. What an Attack! The Lightning Battle
26. Mokuren has Returned! The Danger of the Human Tree
27. The Reason for her Tear! The Girl with the Hairblade!
28. The Instantaneous Flame, the Flame of Saiha
29. Dangerous Lips! The Madougu of Speech!
30. The Seduction fo the Beautiful. Dangerous Duet!
31. The Cursed Flame! The Past of Kurei
32. The Invisible Enemy! A Horrible Battle
33. Two Dragons! The Stolen Move!
34. Skin Covered in Bruises! Fukos Tough Fight!
35. Answer to a Maidens Prayer! The True Power of Fujin
36. The Fire Dragons United! The Enemy Outside the Ring!
37. Escape from the Oblivious Dimension! The Battle of the Other Place!
38. Horror! The Walking Corpse
39. Mikagami Battles. Desperate Ice Sword!
40. Trap of the Evil Woman. The God of Wind is Furious!
41. Fight Again! Recca & Kurei
42. The Deadly Battle! When the Candle of Life Burns out
Кадры из аниме Flame of Recca

Аниме - Anime - Flame of Recca - Пламя Рэкки [1997]
Аниме - Anime - Flame of Recca - Пламя Рэкки [1997]
Аниме - Anime - Flame of Recca - Пламя Рэкки [1997]
Аниме - Anime - Flame of Recca - Пламя Рэкки [1997]
Аниме - Anime - Flame of Recca - Пламя Рэкки [1997]

Дата добавления аниме: June 7th 2010
Разместил : Shuraganchik

Просмотров: 2400

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