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Mister Ajikko, Mister Ajikko, Мистер Аджикко, аниме, anime, анимэ

Мистер Аджикко

Mister Ajikko
Режиссёр : Имагава Ясухиро
Сценарий :
Жанр : комедия
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 99
Студия : Sunrise
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

mister ajikko (мистер аджикко / mister ajikko)

Адаптация манги.

01. The Culinary Prodigy, Ajiyoshi Youichi
02. A Spaghetti Match
03. A Duel with Chef Marui
04. The Curry Genius, Sakai Kazuma
05. The Vital Pineapple Curry
06. The Legendary Taste, the Ramen Match
07. Heated battle, the Ramen Festival
08. The Secret of the Tender Steak
09. Conclusion of the Steak Contest
10. The Sardine Gratin is the Taste of Mothers Cooking
11. Challenge from General Aji
12. The Ultimate Kebab Hamburger
13. Best of Japan Okonomiyaki Match
14. The Okonomiyaki Match, the Judge are Enemies
15. Ajikkos Tough Battle, the Station Bento Match
16. Makinouchis Magical Warm Bento
17. The Tempura Match with Upsized Cakiage
18. A Good Fight? Match of the Handmade Chocolates
19. The Omelette Match and the Machine that breaks the dish
20. Japans Taste, the Tea Match
21. The Culinary Grand Prix Final, the Frying Match
22. The Culinary Grand Prix Final, the Curry War
23. Clash! The Gorgeous Seafood Curry
24. A Duel with Kazuma, the Pizza Pie Match
25. Youichi and Kazumas Burning Passion! The Pizza Pie Duel!
26. Meet the Donburi Brothers! Match in Osaka
27. The Three-legged Contest! Youichi and Kazumas Curry Donburi
28. Heated Battle! The Curry Don lineup in Osaka
29. Strong Rival! Mister Pan appears
30. A Battle of Taste! Ajikko vs Mister Pan
31. The Rotating Sushi Match! Defend the Taste of the Shop
32. The Rotating Sushi Match! Defeat General Aji
33. The Bento Wars! Nichinode Canteen is in Danger
34. The Bento Wars! The Downtown Taste is Fathers Taste
35. An Overseas Challenge! The Wine Shonen Cooking Gang
36. The Highest Children Lunch
37. The Cooling Chinese Match! Yoichi in Nagoya
38. The Cooling Chinese Match! The Large Capital Reversal
39. One Kitchen Knife! Match of the Steamed Teacups
40. The Don Match! Search for the Golden Eel
41. The Combined Takoyaki Fight, Battle against General Aji
42. No need to ask! A Dumpling Match
43. The Seashore Match. Challenge from a Seafood Cook
44. The Seashore Match. Youichi Style, Secret of the Roasted Fish
45. The Farm Products Match. A Powerful Adversary, the Culinary Survival Match with Pan
46. The Farm Products Match! The Victory of the Specially-made Kitchen Culinary Set
47. The Destined Duel! Youichim and Kazumas Mackeral Match
48. A Challenge to Aji Senhito! This is the Last Resort to Victory
49. A Search for Tastes! Marui vs Mister Ajikko
50. Farewell Marui! The Challenge to the Neverending Culinary Road
51. A Mysterious Chinese Soup Challenge! A Visitor from Hong Kong
52. A Mysterious Chinese Soup Challenge! The Secret of the Chinese Herb
53. The Steaming Dumpling Challenge! Ajikko goes to Hong Kong
54. The Steaming Dumpling Challenge! Ajikko vs Hu Foong
55. The Ramen Match! The Surprising 4000 years of Chinese History
56. The Final Ramen Match! White Soup vs Black Soup
57. The Cinnamon Beancurd Match! Appearance of the General Ajis Seven Knives
58. The Cinnamon Beancurd Match! The Road to Ryorin Temples 36 Rooms
59. Farewell, Hong Kong. Defend the Aji-ou Building
60. The Dumpling Match Reversal! The Ambition of General Aji
61. New Year Soba Delivery Match! Defend the Shopping Streets
62. New Year Soba Delivery Match! Mystery of the Speedy Hooded Youngster
63. Kanezawa Sushi Contest. Janice Daigos Challenge
64. Kanezawa Sushi Contest! Big Victory with the Sushi Device
65. The Snow Festival Frankfurt Match! The Devil from the South appears
66. The Snow Festival Frankfurt Match! Match with Sekiba
67. The Alex Express Gourmet Event! Another Challenge from Roborock
68. The Alex Express Gourmet Event! Aim for the Dessert Goal
69. The Islandwide Pan Contest! Seven Knives Mr Oishi appears
70. The Islandwide Pan Competition! Challenge from the Setouchi Youth Culinary Group
71. The Relentless Hamburger Match! Abe and Oikawa
72. The Decisive Hamburger Match! The Strongest Seven Knives, Abe Ichiro Appears
73. The Tough Hamburger Match! A Letter from Long-legged Uncle
74. Japans First Sukiyaki Match! Search for the Ideal Taste
75. The Sukiyaki Battle! The Strongest Seven Knives vs Mister Ajikko
76. The Takanoyama Beancurd Match! Aji-ou Visits
77. The Mysterious Aji-oh Grand Prix, the Beancurd Dish Challenge
78. Match in Takanoyama! Beancurd Steak vs Rubber Steak
79. The Rice Dumpling and Rick Cake Match! Challenge from Ninen Hanagumi Culinary Group
80. The Rice Dumpling and Rick Cake Match! A Comparison to the 5 May Taste
81. The Curry Match that call upon a Storm! Kamon and Mooris Counterattck
82. Youichi and Kazumas Crisis! The Great Germany Curry Reversal
83. The Cold Soba Challenge! Saburo appears
84. The School Delivery Competition! Victory with the Specially-made Uson
85. The Original Croquette Battle! A Love Story
86. The Original Croquette Battle! A Taste Match on the Luxurious Cruise
87. The Yakitori Match! A Challenge to the Old Taste
88. The Yakitori Drum Match! Victory through Tares Art
89. An Afternoon at Nichinode Canteen, Search for the Missing Shop
90. The Ice-cream Duel! Mitsuko and Koorogis Challenge
91. The Ice-cream Duel! The Midsummer Nights Match
92. The Riceball Match! Appearance of Japans Most Irresponsible Cook
93. The Riceball Battle! The Irresponsible Dish vs Mothers Taste
94. The Decisive Match of the Third Dish! Abe Ichiro Challenges again
95. Ajikkos Last Battle! Match of the Biggest Sandwich of all times
96. The Sounding Time of a Cook, Retrieve the Memory of Aji-ou
97. Kazumas Secret is revealed! Pilgrimage to the Taste of Sadness
98. The Path to a Distant Taste. Search for your very own Taste
99. Thank you for the delicious meal! Mister Ajikko

Дата добавления аниме: December 9th 2010
Разместил : Shuraganchik

Просмотров: 1354

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