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Negima!?, Negima!?, Нэгима!? , аниме, anime, анимэ


Режиссёр : Симбо Акиюки
Сценарий :
Жанр : приключения комедия мистика
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 26
Студия : SHAFT
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

negima!? (нэгима!? / negima!?)

01. Eh! Even If You Suddenly Say I Have 31 People!
02. No Way, You Have to Do This for a Provisional Contract!?
03. Hmm, So Thats How You Make A Provisional Contract Card
04. Teacher... Its my first...
05. Security Deposits and Finders Fees Are so Expensive in Tokyo,Isnt What Temporary Pactios Are like?
06. Forgive me…… Would it be Acceptable if it Was on the Forehead or Cheek?
07. Umm, its okay if you cant see me, but itd be better if you could see me
08. Teacher, Please Turn Us into Grown-ups
09. Hiding Heart in Knife is Read as Shinobi. Writing Serious and Reading it as Maji is Slightly Diff...
10. You hid Negi-sensei from me and took him where? I will never allow such a thing!
11. Oh, So a Baron is a Variety of Rose. I Thought It Was a Kind of Potato
12. Well, After All That Reasoning, It Came Down to a Single Feeling
13. Its More a Matter of Being in Masters Way Than Being an Enemy
14. Scientific Theory is Something that cant be a Match for Magic, to Say Plainly
15. Theres a commotion over how to get along in these unexpected circumstances. As in doyo?
16. Yesterdays enemy is todays friend. Its alright if friends quarrel. Well its also good among fa...
17. Natsumi, family is ultimately the bond of the home run king. I dont get that at all, Chizu-ne (sob)
18. Its the guy who wishes by the rose thats pleased by his secret. Chiu Chiu is also angry ~♪ Hmph♪
19. Its Great to Return to Youth and Play. But Ill Play Even if I Dont Return to Youth
20. They Say that Big Means Tasteless, but Thats Actually not the Case
21. Men are Silenced by Ramen, Takamichi. What!?
22. Aiya, for Some Reason, Something Strange is Starting to Occur! Im Sure that This is the End of t...
23. Hey Wait, Thats not it, Negi-ku~n. Thats Right, Were Your Partners!
24. Negi-sensei, It Seems Like the Climax. Lets Go Home With Everyone, Negi-kun!
25. And So, Case Closed!?
26. I Wont Say that Ill be Lonely! Because I Believe that Surely We Can Meet Again!
Кадры из аниме Negima!?

Аниме - Anime - Negima!? - Нэгима!? [2006]
Аниме - Anime - Negima!? - Нэгима!? [2006]
Аниме - Anime - Negima!? - Нэгима!? [2006]
Аниме - Anime - Negima!? - Нэгима!? [2006]
Аниме - Anime - Negima!? - Нэгима!? [2006]

Дата добавления аниме: January 11th 2011
Разместил : Lupita

Просмотров: 2055

В видео архиве:
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