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Vicky the Little Viking, Chiisana Viking Vicke , Вики, маленький викинг , аниме, anime, анимэ

Вики, маленький викинг

Vicky the Little Viking
Chiisana Viking Vicke
Режиссёр : Сайто Хироси
Сценарий :
Жанр : приключения комедия история
Страна : Япония
Кол-во серий : 78
Студия : Nippon Animation
Год выпуска :
Формат : ТВ
Описание :

vicky the little viking (вики, маленький викинг / chiisana viking vicke )

01. A viking is born
02. Setback setting sail
03. Narrow escape with a saw
04. Goodbye, cavity
05. Beat up Sven the bully
06. I'm not afraid of the tax man
07. Wolf-hunt contest
08. Sven's counterattack
09. Vicke and the big seal
10. Gicchompa's promise
11. Giants with red eyes
12. Halbel's rescue mission
13. Svalkel of the sharp sword
14. Don't judge a castle by its looks
15. Run, run
16. Water attack strategy
17. The world's first firefighters
18. Of doves and Vicke and seals
19. Vicke and the big octopus
20. The king's a glutton
21. Sneeze Powder no. 25
22. Halbel's treasure chest
23. Revenge of the swordfish
24. Faxe's bride
25. Beat the ghost ship
26. Snow and ice treasure island
27. Vicke and the whale and his child
28. Carl the seagull
29. Labyrinth of the Greecian land
30. Olympics of the Greecian land
31. Adventure in Denmark (1/2)
32. Adventure in Denmark (2/2)
33. The man from the north
34. Boy from Shulack village
35. Vicke flies through the sky
36. Halbel gets lost
37. A strange welcome
38. Treasure of the Binca
39. Arrogant Snoppe
40. Snoppe's curls straightened
41. Dear old Fraake
42. The circus comes to Fraake village
43. Battle of the straw men
44. The Fraake family hates farming work
45. Thunder: Brulett and Vikke
46. The ungrateful son and the tunnel strategy
47. Vicke and the stilts strategy
48. Selfish Brulett's great counterattack
49. Gift of a big wooden horse
50. Adventure in the north pole
51. Rescue mission of father Halbel
52. Vicke explores the volcanic mountain
53. Father Halbel defeats the bear
54. Halbel and the fugly flu
55. Grandpa Ulobe's deeds
56. Father Halbel's lovely souvenir
57. Vikke and Chicchi shipwreck chronicle
58. I'm not afraid of the wolf
59. Slow but steady rescue mission
60. Queen of Parli
61. Bothersome silly blockade
62. Let's save the ghost
63. I'm a real viking
64. Snole's great prediction
65. Graida and the golden sword
66. Vikke's big chess victory
67. Join the rivers together!
68. Chuure and Snoore's big fight
69. Who's the next boss
70. Father Halbel and the picture show
71. Nest egg crybaby treasure chest
72. Vikke and Halbel's wisdom contest
73. Island where father Robin lives
74. Which mountain is higher
75. Don't cry, Chuule
76. Fockse, the bubble and Rundo's daughter
77. Let's launch a new ship
78. Halbel ostracised

Дата добавления аниме: January 11th 2011
Разместил : Lupita

Просмотров: 1459

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