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Excel Saga OST 1 , Excel Saga OST 1 , Эксель-сага ОСТ 1,

Эксель-сага ОСТ 1

Excel Saga OST 1
Жанр : jrock jpop
Кол-во серий : 30
- Год выпуска :
Формат : CD
Описание :

excel saga ost 1 (эксель-сага ост 1 / excel saga ost 1 )

ОСТ к аниме Эксель-сага, часть первая. 

1. Indeed, I Need No Funds to Make It Cheerful...
2. I Replaced a Melody.
3. I Was Wondering if They'd Start Dancing...
4. Likewise, I Needed to Make It.
5. The Image Color is Certainly "Red !"
6. I Was Somewhat Troubled. I Was Quite Troubled. I Was Completely Troubled.
7. I Was Told It Should be A Comical Menchi. Is That The Reason Why I Am Treated Indolently?
8. How Convenient ! Is The Mochi Baked ?!
9. You Did Not Tell Me It Would Be That Tragic !
10. You Said It Would Be More Cozy !
11. All Right. I'll Make It...
12. Small Organism Suite
13. After All, I Think It is A Strange Name.
14. It Became a Cool Song. Yeah.
15. It's for Small Animals, So...
16. The Commemorative First Song For This Occasion.
17. I Wonder If It Was Too Ordinary... ?
18. A Line In an Interlude. "I Am Happy..." Just Kidding.
19. Oh, Just as I Thought, The Beginning is Funny.
20. Since They Requested A Military Type...
21. Since They Said That They're Gonna Act Like Rambo In The Jungle...
22. You Mean The Death of Tetsuko...
23. Although I Didn't Get Any Request For This, I Happened to Make It, So Please Use It.
24. 30-Year-Old Memories Part 1
25. 30-Year-Old Memories Part 2
26. 30-Year-Old Memories Part 3
27. Mission Impossible... Huh? In This Case, It is Really Impossible...
28. I Really Can't Play!
29. Love (Loyalty)
30. Menchi - A Bolero of Sorrow ~ You Will Eat Me (Karaoke Track)

Дата добавления аниме: February 16th 2011
Разместил : Lupita

Просмотров: 1137

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